My name is Jill,  the creator of Clean Crawl coverall trousers. 

The idea for Clean Crawl came about when my first-born son Louis started crawling from the age of 7 months. I love to dress my children in pale colours such as pinks, blues, and neutrals.

About Us
About Us

As a new mum, I quickly realised how dirty crawling could be. Wherever we went, Louis just wanted to be down on the floor and soon enough his lovely clothes would be filthy, and sometimes the stains just wouldn't come out. 

Then I started looking for something that could just pull on over the top of what he was already wearing on his bottom half, to help reduce the multiple changes of clothing and subsequent washing. 

Having something to use whilst out and about (especially if we were going somewhere a bit special) or even in the house, just to keep him cleaner for longer. My search for a quick, simple, and inexpensive solution proved fruitless.  

Sharing the idea with my Mum, who is a whizz on the sewing machine, and thanks to her creative sewing skills, the first prototype of Clean Crawl was produced using the fabric from a shower curtain.



About Us
About Us

After sharing my idea with other parents, it soon became apparent that there were lots of us out there, with the same problem. Clean Crawl coverall trousers are the solution. 

Clean Crawl offers an easy, slip-on protection for those lovely, often expensive, baby outfits. The protective and splashproof trousers are designed to fit over the top of your little ones clothes, with the purpose of keeping them cleaner for longer. They fold up into a handy little pouch, which you can pop into a changing bag or pocket ready to re-use at any time.  

 Crawling is considered to be the first form of independent movement. It helps develop and enhance their balance and sensory systems, cognition, problem solving skills and coordination. We don’t want to restrict any of this at the fear of their lovely clothes being ruined by the dirt picked up from crawling. 

I'm very proud that Clean Crawl is manufactured here in the UK at So-mes Creation Ltd based in Leicester.   

Clean Crawl coverall trousers are the must have accessory for your crawling baby and the perfect change bag companion! 

 For babies on the move and parents on the go! 

I didn't realize I needed these until I had them! My friend gifted me some for our son's birthday and I use them most days! Genius idea!

Zona Lewin

Getting these trousers has been a life saver! Our daughter loves to play in the park and crawl around, so these have saved numerous pairs of tights and leggings from getting ruined! So easy to use too!

James Parks


They look so cute! Great quality and so good that I can just pop them in my bag easily!

Harriet Cooke



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